New, Eco-Friendly 2025
Low GWP Compliant Refrigerants

You can count on Lennox to make decisions that are good for dealers, good for homeowners and good for the environment. That’s why we’ve updated our entire product lineup to use 2025 Compliant Refrigerants R-454B for whole-home systems and R-32 for ductless mini-split systems. With substantially lower global warming potential (GWP) than previous refrigerants, these alternatives comply with updated EPA regulations and are formulated to provide excellent, reliable performance for years to come.

Lennox is here to provide you support and resources to make these 2025 compliant systems easy to sell, install and service. Check out our latest resources and training:

Why New EPA
Refrigerant Regulations?

In 2020, as part of a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gasses, the American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act gave the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) authority to regulate hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and begin the phase down of refrigerants with high HFCs by 2036.

At that time, the current HVAC industry refrigerant, R-410A, was deemed a contributor to global warming and the EPA mandated that manufacturers switch to a refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 700 or less by January 1, 2025.

Why R-454B and R-32?

When selecting our new refrigerant, Lennox considered ease of installation, service, safety, performance, environmental impact and more. We chose our 2025 Compliant Refrigerants for a number of reasons:

For whole-home systems, R-454B provides excellent performance for ducted systems. For mini-splits, we selected R-32, designed to optimize efficiency and reliability in ductless systems.

Lennox engineers worked to maximize equipment performance and efficiency with these refrigerant while minimizing changes to installation requirements.

Both R-454B and R-32 exceed the GWP requirements and have zero ozone depletion potential.

For whole-home systems, R-454B provides excellent performance for ducted systems. For mini-splits, we selected R-32, designed to optimize efficiency and reliability in ductless systems.

Lennox engineers worked to maximize equipment performance and efficiency with these refrigerants while minimizing changes to installation requirements.

Both R-454B and R-32 exceed the GWP requirements and have zero ozone depletion potential.

Transitioning to
GWP Refrigerants

GWP Mean?

GWP is a way to measure the gases going into the atmosphere and their effect on our planet’s temperature. Low GWP indicates a safer gas for the environment. Lennox’ 2025 Compliant Refrigerant choices have significantly lower GWP than the previous version.

What makes refrigerants
low GWP?

Refrigerants with low GWP are designed to minimize impact on the environment in terms of global warming and climate change. Several factors contribute to refrigerants having low GWP:

Ozone-Depleting Free: Compared to refrigerants with high levels of HFCs, low GWP refrigerants are non-ozone depleting and have lower global warming potential.

Chemical Composition: Low GWP refrigerants are composed of elements and compounds that have minimal greenhouse gas effects, such as hydrogen, carbon, and fluorine. Refrigerants with high GWP often contain chlorine.

Short Atmospheric Lifetime: Refrigerants with shorter atmospheric lifetimes tend to have a lower GWP level as they don’t stay in the atmosphere for extended periods, reducing the overall impact on global warming.

What Does the HFC
Refrigerant Phaseout Mean
for You and Your Business?

Stay Ahead of Regulation Changes
with Support from Lennox

Homeowners will look to you for guidance on how this change will impact product availability, serviceability and their home’s environmental footprint. As always, whenever new regulations go into effect, Lennox is here to provide you support, training, and educational resources that make it easy to sell, install, and service the new equipment.

Lennox Helps Make the Transition Easy

Rest assured, this transition won’t create a heavy burden for installers and technicians. Systems will continue to match up as before. Service practices will remain the same. And because our 2025 Compliant Refrigerants have similar properties to the current R-410A refrigerant, there will be limited changes to installation requirements.

Prepare Now with the Lennox-
Hudson Reclaim Program

After the transition, we will continue to offer R-410A repair coils, parts and R-410A refrigerant for servicing units. To help you secure a supply and ensure continuity of service, Lennox has teamed up with Hudson Technologies for the Lennox Reclaim Program, a simple, hassle-free solution that pays you for recovered R-22 and R-410A refrigerant.

Final Rule

United States:

In October 2023, the EPA issued the Technology Transitions final rule, categorizing equipment into three types - Products, Systems and Components. Each category has varying deadlines for manufacturing and installation:

R-410A Products: A Product has a fully assembled and charged refrigerant loop at the factory.
Ex: ResPaks
Manufacture Stop Date:
December 31, 2024
Installation Stop Date:
December 31, 2027

R-410A Systems: A System has a refrigerant loop that is assembled and charged in the field.
Ex: Split systems
Manufacture Stop Date:
December 31, 2024
Installation Stop Date:
December 31, 2025

The EPA has allowed installation of R-410A Systems through 2025 if both the indoor and outdoor units were manufactured before January 1, 2025.

R-410A Components: A Component is one unit of a system that is installed for repair.
Ex: Indoor OR outdoor unit
Manufacture Stop Date: There is currently no limitation on the manufacture of individual R-410A components.
Installation Stop Date: There is no limitation on installing R-410A Components. However, Components can only be installed when replacing the indoor OR the outdoor unit, not both. Replacing both the indoor and outdoor units qualifies as a System under the EPA’s classification and must abide by the System rules.


Canada is in the process of updating the B52 Mechanical Code to allow for A2L refrigerant installations. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to 2025.

Installation and
Service Impact

Tools: While most newer tools are A2L listed, we recommend ensuring that your tools are compatible with A2L refrigerants.

Line Sets: Continue maintaining best practices for cleanliness and brazing as done with R-410A. Length and diameter requirements differ by OEM, so referring to each OEM’s instructions is recommended for more details.

New Product Line for 2025
Compliant Refrigerant

For nearly 130 years, innovation has been at the core of Lennox’ DNA. By pushing boundaries and listening to our dealers, we create industry-leading, cutting-edge products that redefine comfort, efficiency and durability.

The 2025 refrigerant transition is an opportunity to raise the bar once again. We’re not just meeting requirements – we’re enhancing the customer experience for our dealers and homeowners.

New R-454B Product Line:

Lennox Coils
Lennox RDS
Lennox AC & Heat Pumps
Lennox Packaged Units
Lennox Gas Furnaces
Coil and Air Handler Strategy

In developing this strategy, we prioritized your needs as dealers, aiming to make this a seamless transition for you. That’s why we’re introducing a range of coil and air handler options.

Mid-year 2024, we’ll first introduce our refrigerant versatile (-01) models that are optimized to work with both R-410A and R-454B refrigerants, adapting effortlessly to your needs. These versatile coils and air handlers come factory-ready for R-410A refrigerant but can easily be converted to R-454B with a refrigerant detection system and R-454B TXV, easing your inventory management. With the launch of our first low GWP products, we’ll introduce our R-454B dedicated (-71) models with added features and benefits.

This transition marks our commitment to innovation and ensuring our offerings align with your evolving needs and industry standards.

R-454B Dedicated
Coil Product Changes

Refrigerant Versatile Coil Changes:

  • New AHRI reference numbers for -01 coils. You can keep the same AHRI numbers with the new -71 coils when pairing with existing R-410A units.

Refrigerant Versatile and R-454B Dedicated Coil Changes:

  • New dash numbers and catalog numbers
    • -01 indicates refrigerant versatile coils
    • -71 indicates R-454B dedicated coils

R-454B Dedicated Coil Changes:

  • R-454B TXV factory-installed
  • R-454B refrigerant detection system sensor factory-installed
  • A2L refrigerant safety labels factory-applied

R-454B Dedicated
Coil Product Enhancements
  • New service valves to accommodate braze and braze-free connections
  • Sleeved distributor tubes for enhanced protection and safety
Product Line Transition Plan

As part of the coil strategy, there will be multiple options for coils by the end of 2024 for maximum flexibility before the 2025 refrigerant transition.

R-410A Dedicated – Compatible with R-410A systems only.

  • The C35 uncased coil will serve as the R-410A repair coil for up-flow uncased systems. All other R-410A dedicated coils have stopped production and will be available while supplies last.

Refrigerant Versatile – Factory ready for R-410A refrigerant but can be converted to R-454B at time of initial installation with a field-installed Refrigerant Detection System (RDS) and R-454B TXV.

  • Converting after initial installation violates the safety agency mark and, therefore, voids the warranty.

R-454B Dedicated – Factory ready for R-454B refrigerant with a factory-installed TXV and RDS. Compatible with R-454B systems only.

Launch Timeline

The R-454B dedicated (-71) coils will launch with the 2025 compliant outdoor units in late summer 2024.

Refrigerant Detection
System (RDS)

All A2L refrigerants, including R-454B & R-32, are mildly flammable and the new safety code requires products with more than 4 pounds of refrigerant to have a refrigerant leak detection system (RDS).

The Lennox Refrigerant Detection System is designed to dissipate the refrigerant concentration inside unit when the sensor detects a leak. The RDS consists of several components – an RDS sensor, an RDS blower control board, RDS line set sleeve, and A2L refrigerant labeling. The sensor is located near the indoor coil to sense a leak. The control is inside the unit when factory-installed or mounted near the unit when field-installed. Its purpose is to interrupt the operation of the unit and turn on the indoor fan when a leak is detected to ventilate the refrigerant.

For the refrigerant versatile coils and air handlers, the RDS will be sold separately and will be available later this summer with the launch of the first R-454B outdoor units. For all other R-454B and R-32 dedicated products, these components will come installed from the factory, with the exception of the RDS line set sleeve.

Components of the Refrigerant
Detection System
Refrigerant Detection
System Sensor:
  • Senses refrigerant leak
  • Factory-installed near the coil
  • Field-installed near the coil
Refrigerant Detection System Blower Control Board:
  • Ventilates refrigerant if leak is detected
  • Factory-installed in unit
  • Field-installed by unit
Refrigerant Detection System Line Set Sleeve:
  • Required for furnace + coil installations with A2L refrigerants
  • Keeps leak at line set joint inside cabinet
  • Field-installed on the line set tube prior to brazing
A2L Refrigerant Labeling:
  • Factory-applied on R-454B dedicated units
  • Field-applied on R-454B converted units (refrigerant versatile coils and air handlers)
Product Changes
  • New nomenclature, markings, and labeling for new refrigerant
  • Factory charged with R-454B refrigerant
  • New compressors, TXVs, reversing valves, etc. designed for R-454B
  • Updated electrical components to minimize ignition sources:
    • Contactors
    • Relays
    • Crankcase heaters
Product Enhancements
  • Updated service valves allow for braze or braze-free connections
  • Adding coil-only matches on all Elite® variable speed air conditioner and heat pump models
  • Expanding cold climate heat pump model offerings
  • NEW cabinet on high-end Elite® models and all Dave Lennox Signature® Collection models
Product Line Transition Plan

For R-410A replacement options, Lennox will continue to manufacture the ML14XC1, ML14XP1, ML17XC1, and ML17XP1.

Launch Timeline

The R-454B air conditioners and heat pumps will launch late summer through the end of 2024.

Product Changes

  • New nomenclature
  • Updated SEER2 efficiency values
    • 13 for 13.4 SEER2
    • 15 for 15.2 SEER2

Product Enhancements

NEW LRP15 – 100% Energy Star Rated

Product Line Transition Plan

The 2025 compliant residential package units will launch starting at the end of 2024. The existing lineup will be around through the full year and begin phasing out in December. Per the EPA ruling, you can continue selling this equipment for 3 years or until inventory is depleted.

Product Launch Timeline

The 2025 compliant residential package units will launch starting at the end of 2024.

Product Changes
  • New nomenclature
  • New Refrigerant Detection System Blower Control Board
    • Standard 24V board for non-communicating furnaces
    • Communicating board for communicating furnaces
    • If installing an existing 2024 gas furnace with a new R-454B outdoor unit and coil, a Refrigerant Detection System Blower Control Board is needed
Product Enhancements

Factory-Installed Refrigerant Detection System (RDS) for all 2025 compliant gas furnaces

Product Line Transition Plan

The 2025 compliant gas furnaces will launch starting in early 2025

Product Launch Timeline

The 2025 compliant gas furnaces will launch starting in early 2025.


What refrigerant will replace R-410A in 2025?

For whole-home systems, Lennox has chosen 2025 Compliant Refrigerant R-454B due to its excellent performance for ducted systems and zero ozone depletion potential. For mini-splits, we selected R-32, designed to optimize efficiency and reliability in ductless systems. Our engineers worked to maximize equipment performance with these refrigerants, while minimizing changes to installation requirements.

What are the current regulations for low GWP refrigerants?

The last refrigerant transition phased out refrigerants with high ozone depletion potential (ODP), such as R-22. The current HVAC industry refrigerant, R-410A, does not contribute to ozone layer depletion but it does have significant Global Warming Potential (GWP) as high as 2088. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated that manufacturers switch to a refrigerant with a GWP of 700 or less by January 1, 2025.

What are the new 2024 EPA refrigerant regulations?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently proposed regulations aimed at banning the use of many hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in HVAC systems. Beginning in 2024, the phase down of HFCs are required to be at 40% below baseline, a significant decrease in the number of available production and consumption allowances compared to previous years.

What refrigerant is being phased out in 2024?

The HFCs and HFC-blend refrigerants being phased out are as follows:
R-407C used to replace R-22.

What are the low GWP refrigerants for HVAC?

In response to the new regulations, low-GWP refrigerants have been created to have similar but better efficiencies and capacities than the refrigerants they are intended to replace. These include R-32 and R-454B.

What are A2L refrigerants?

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) created a subgroup of refrigerants called A2L. "A" refers to non-toxic, "2" refers to the flammability level, and "L" refers to the low burning velocity. You can see this new subgroup compared to other refrigerant classifications in the referenced chart.

Increasing Flammability

Higher Flammability






Lower Flammability



No Flame Propagation



Lower Toxicity

Higher Toxicity

Increasing Toxicity

What is happening with the Lennox mini-split line?

The newly established joint venture, Samsung Lennox HVAC North America, is set to bring advancements to our mini-split and VRF product lineup. Stay tuned for more details as we prepare to unveil this new, low GWP product lineup in Q4 2024 and continue to innovate the future of home comfort solutions. Lennox will continue to sell the current R-410A product line through this year and until supply is depleted in 2025. Lennox will continue to support the product line through the warranty period and service life.