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TriClean 2X Coil Cleaner and Sprayer

TriClean 2x™ Coil Cleaner & Sprayer

Trust a specially formulated chemistry in easy-to-use packaging for your annual coil-cleaning needs.

  • Easy to use -- simply connect, spray and rinse
  • Great for preventative maintenance programs
  • Metal safe chemistry -- great for microchannel coils
  • One bottle cleans up to three 5 ton coils

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Coil Gun® Sprayer

Coil Gun® Sprayer

Use with any of the Nu-Calgon’s quality coil cleaners with no pre-mixing required.

  • Five mix ratio settings
  • 2 quart capacity
  • Quick-disconnect feature
  • Foam wand to enhance foaming

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Super Seal Flex Inject from Cliplight

Super Seal Flex Inject from Cliplight

Flex Inject is a leak stopping sealant with a misting orifice and flexible hose.

  • 3X Sealing Power
  • No Tools Required
  • Polymer Free
  • Fully Compatible with all oils and refrigerants

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Super Seal Flex Inject from Cliplight

Pro-Brown Coil Cleaner

Pro-Brown™ is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner that pulls out deeply embedded dirt while brightening and cleaning coils. Ideal for air-cooled condensers, microchannels, and mini-splits.

  • Biodegradable and NSF approved
  • Ultra-High Foaming
  • Cleans & Brightens
  • Safer than Acid Cleaners

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