Thermostat Comparison Chart

Take Control

Give your customers the power to take control of their comfort with our available thermostats and Lennox Comfort Controls.

iComfort S30 iComfort Wi-Fi iComfort Wi-Fi Flex CS7500 CS5500 CS3000
Feature Description iComfort® S30 iComfort Wi-Fi® iComfort Wi-Fi® Flex CS7500 CS5500 CS3000
Communicating Works with Lennox-brand communicating equipment to offer the highest level of comfort and overall system performance
Non-Communicating System Compatible with Lennox-brand non-communicating equipment and most other brands of heating and cooling equipment
Programmable Customize a temperature schedule
Filter Reminder Reminds you when its time to change the filter
Automatic Changeover Automatically decides between heating and cooling depending on indoor temperature
Color Touch Screen Large, easy-to-use display with adjustable brightness
Duel-Fuel Increase the efficiency of dual-fuel heating systems by automatically alternating between gas and electric operation
Performance Report Allow you to see your system's energy use, so you can adjust settings as needed to improve efficiency; daily, hourly and monthly reports are available
Run-time Report Shows how often and how long the heating or cooling system has run
Humidity Control Works with whole-house humidity-control systems to adjust the home's humidity level
Remote Control Adjust the temperature and control energy costs from anywhere using a mobile device
Weather-On-Demand Provides current outdoor temperature and a five/seven day forecast
Screen Saver Upload a picture for use as a screen saver
Basic Alert Automatically emails alerts to you and dealer if the system needs service or maintenance
Advanced Alert Monitors all of the systems components and uses advanced diagnostics to identify the issue
Climate IQ Monitors local outdoor conditions and uses the AC or Heat Pump to automatically remove excess humidity to create a more comfortable and healthier home
Warranty Limited warrant protection 5-year 5-year 5-year 5-year 5-year 2-year

iHarmony Zoning System Harmony III Zoning System LZP-4 LZP-2
Feature Description iHarmony® Zoning System Harmony III Zoning System LZP-4 LZP-2
Zones Number of zones supported 4 4 4 4
Automatic Changeover Automatically changes between heating and cooling operation
Variable Speed Control Compatible with variable-speed equipment
Mobile control Program daily or weekly schedules and alter settings remotely with iComfort technology
Warranty Designed for use with iComfort thermostats 5-year 2-year 2-year 2-year