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CBX25UH and cbx25uhv air handler enhancement

Lennox is dedicated to quality products that meet the needs of both our dealers and homeowners. As a result of our ongoing efforts, we are pleased to inform you of the latest product update affecting our CBX25UH and CBX25UHV product lines. These changes are designed to improve performance, durability, ease of installation and serviceability.

We are committed to making this a seamless transition as we move to updated models. New models will be released as a running change as inventory on current models is depleted.

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Air Handler CBX25UH

CBX25 Updates and Benefits:


Increased stability

1. Cabinet stability

  • Increased cabinet stability, including when access doors are removed in horizontal installations
    • Redesigned cabinet wrapper with hem across front edge
    • Redesigned coil support and hold down brackets
    • Redesigned cabinet brace for easier blower removal

improved refrigerant routing

2. Improved piping routing

  • Improve routing of refrigerant piping to allow for more optimal TXV bulb placement inside cabinet
  • No need to place bulb outside of cabinet at installation

single gauge metal

3. Easier access

  • Single gauge metal cabinet allows for easier removal of high and low voltage redesigned knockouts
  • Metal condensate drain knockouts converted to rubber snap-in grommets for easier access
  • Electric heat knockouts replaced with a cover plate for easier removal during installation of electric heatstrips


inside our new air handlers

Standard cabinet fasteners

4. Standardized cabinet fasteners

  • Standardized to a single thread size and clip fasteners throughout cabinet

improved fit and finish

5. Improved fit and finish

  • Enhanced insulation installation methodology for improved adhesion
  • Tighter and consistent bend radius (cabinet corners and top caps)
  • Improved filter rail design for easier installation and removal


All catalog numbers will remain unchanged except for model CBX25UH-036 which will change to 14D98.

Model Number Catalog Number Model Number Catalog Number
CBX25UH-018 79W33 CBX25UHV-018 79W40
CBX25UH-024 79W34 CBX25UHV-024 79W41
CBX25UH-030 79W35 CBX25UHV-030 79W42
CBX25UH-036 79W36* CBX25UHV-036 79W43
CBX25UH-042 79W37 CBX25UHV-042 79W44
CBX25UH-048 79W38 CBX25UHV-048 79W45
CBX25UH-060 79W39 CBX25UHV-060 79W46

The CBX25UH-036 catalog number will change to 14D98.

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