The new EL16XC1 air conditioner

Powered by the Lennox® Quantum™ Coil

Quantum Coil EL16XC1

Available now: a new way to deliver reliable and energy-efficient cooling.

The Elite® Series EL16XC1 is a high-performing, quiet and dependable air conditioner, offering energy-saving and money-saving efficiencies.

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High Performance

  • With efficiencies of up to 17 SEER, the EL16XC1 may qualify homeowners for local rebates or federal tax credits
  • The EL16XC1 uses up to 41%* less energy than a standard air conditioner
  • ENERGY STAR® certified
  • The corrosion resistant, aluminum alloy Lennox® Quantum™ coil provides years of trouble-free cooling, even in the harshest environments

*Comparing 10 SEER vs. 17 SEER Systems

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Quiet Cooling

  • Quietly efficient, the EL16XC1 operates at sound levels as low as 71dB
  • Special compressor sound dampening system helps ensure smooth, quiet operation

Installer Friendly


  • SmartHinge™ louver design allows fast access to interior components for quick and easy servicing
  • Easy to maintain, coils are cleansed using water. No chemicals required

EL16XC1 Training

Trainer - Training

These course modules are designed to explain the features of the components for the Lennox® Elite® Series EL16XC1 and describe procedures for maintenance and service technicians.

Available Now

The all-new EL16XC1 air conditioners are available now.
Details about pricing will follow separately.

EL16XC1 replaces the XC14, which is now discontinued.

Please continue selling current models until inventory is depleted.

Lennox® Elite® EL16XC1

Description Model Catalog Number
EL16XC1-018 Condenser / 1.5-ton / 230V EL16XC1-018 13H57
EL16XC1-024 Condenser / 2-ton / 230V EL16XC1-024 13H58
EL16XC1-030 Condenser / 2.5-ton / 230V EL16XC1-030 13H77
EL16XC1-036 Consenser / 3-ton / 230V EL16XC1-036 15D14
EL16XC1-041 Condenser / 3.5-ton / 230V EL16XC1-041 13H84
EL16XC1-042 Condenser / 3.5-ton / 230V EL16XC1-042 13H81
EL16XC1-047 Condenser / 4-ton / 230V EL16XC1-047 13H91
EL16XC1-048 Condenser / 4-ton / 230V EL16XC1-048 13H82
EL16XC1-060 Condenser / 5-ton / 230V EL16XC1-060 13H83

Model (Regional Standards)

Description Model Catalog Number
EL16XC1S036 Condenser / 3-ton / 230V EL16XC1S036 15D15