When you need an affordable alternative to OEM parts think FirstChoice®. With exceptional quality and competitive pricing, FirstChoice gives your customers peace of mind without stretching your bottom line.

A lower cost alternative to OEM parts, FirstChoice® allows you to increase profitability and flexibility while on the job:

  • Using the highest-quality ball bearing motors, FirstChoice motors offer a smoother and more durable performance.
  • Blower motors and fan motors come in an array of multi-horsepower offerings for a wide range of applications.
  • The reversible shaft rotation makes all the difference in the world. FirstChoice motors rotate in either direction by simply rotating a plug.
  • The extended wire length on FirstChoice motors allows for longer lead lengths based on unit type.

FirstChoice driers remove system contaminants like acid and moisture.

  • ODF Solid copper connections for easy installation.
  • Compacted bead design.
  • 20-micron filtration.
  • Desiccant blend optimized for high-water and acid capacity.

FirstChoice capacitors provide long run time lasting up to 20,000 hours under normal working conditions1.

  • UL810 (E223457).

FirstChoice contactors feature covered contacts and connection lugs for bare wire. Features for EC30124-EW include:

  • Standard UL508.
  • Rated insulation voltage 600V.
  • Box lugs included.

The FirstChoice transformers provide power to 24 Vac circuits in heating/cooling control systems that include:

  • UL 1585 recognized.
  • Class 2//II transformers.
  • Class B insulation system.
  • Primary and secondary leads color coded for easy installation.
  • Various primary voltage combinations.

When you need to make a choice, make it FirstChoice, the best affordable alternative to OEM parts when they’re not required.