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With Learning Solutions, we put knowledge at your fingertips. That means access to in-house experts who know the HVAC industry inside and out. It also means a team of professionals committed to ensuring that Lennox dealers always remain one step ahead of the competition in terms of business training, installation, sales, customer service and overall technical training.

By leveraging dozens of Lennox coaches, over 400 online courses, and videos available 24/7/365, Learning Solutions is here to ensure that you, your team and your business are always prepared for what’s next.

HVAC learning facts about Lennox learning solution

Meet the Learning Solutions Team

HVAC training manager Dave Nichols

Dave Nichols

Sales & Business Training Manager
40+ Years of HVAC Experience
Dave Nichols is responsible for the Sales and Business training Lennox delivers to our Dealers throughout North America. Dave began his career in HVAC in 1973 with Trane in Toronto, Canada. After leaving the industry for a time he joined Lennox in 1996. In addition, Dave has been involved in adult learning, training development and delivery for over 30 years. During his 40+ years in the HVAC industry, Dave has worked in finance as well as training and has run several Heating and Air-conditioning companies. He has experience with, in home sales and managed retail salespeople. Dave has provided support to many contractors in a consulting capacity helping them grow their business and increase profitability. Outside of the industry, Dave owned/operated a home renovation business, was President of a Professional Association, worked for a manufacturer of firefighting equipment, a paper manufacturer, customs broker, and a computer distributor.

HVAC training manager Doug Smiley

Doug Smiley

Technical Training Manager
20+ Years of HVAC Experience
Doug Smiley currently serves as the Technical Training Manager for Lennox Residential. The technical team is responsible for content and curriculum development of HVAC technical training for contractors and dealers. Doug has been in the HVAC technical training world for the past 13 years. His collective HVAC career spans 21 years and includes every position from installer to service tech roles, management and leadership roles at the dealer level, and educational and training development roles for the manufacturer.

HVAC Sales and Business Instructors

HVAC Instructor Rick Houchens
HVAC instructor Brian Kremmel
HVAC instructor Steven Litt
HVAC Instructor Mike Treas
HVAC instructor Tom Wittman
HVAC instructor Brigham Dickinson
HVAC instructor Ryan Black
HVAC instructor Stephen Dale

HVAC Technical Instructors

HVAC instructor Tom Cates
HVAC instructor George Clayton
HVAC instructor Chris Fogarty
HVAC instructor Eric Grubbs
HVAC instructor Joel Laureano
HVAC instructor Zak Majdali

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