Finding the Right Replacement Motor

Have you ever gone to replace the motor in a unit, only to find that the sticker on the side of the motor, all brand names and the name plate are gone? What can you do at that point? In this video, learn how to identify the right First Choice replacement motor, so you can finish your job. This method can really save your day, if you ever find yourself dealing with an old, nearly impossible-to-identify motor.

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As an HVAC Pro, you’re always dealing with motors.
Use these online trainings from Lennox Learning Solutions to make sure you’re ready for any motor issue you might encounter.

This training video outlines how electric motors are used in heating and cooling systems, methods for checking the motors, symptoms of various motor malfunctions, and fixing problems.

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The capacitor is a vital component to units with motors. In this training video, learn about the construction and purpose of capacitors in Lennox products, and how to diagnose and check them.

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Use these quick test procedures to identify if a condenser fan motor is wearing out.

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When you need a new motor, we’ve got you covered with a full line
of First Choice replacement motors.

Pro tip: You can order online and have parts and supplies shipped to your job site. Or, buy online, and pickup in a Lennox Stores.

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