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LennoxPROs® Technical Tip for June

As technology gets more and more advanced, the likelihood that you will need technical assistance from Lennox Technical Support increases as well.

Calling in to Technical Support can be challenging, especially if you are in the hot sun, hot attic, pouring down rain at the end of your day on Friday. Then to find out that you are on hold in the call-queue for what feels like hours! That is enough to drive even the savviest technician crazy.

There are a few simple steps that can be taken to make that hold-time as short as possible.


Make sure all phone numbers are registered

First of all, make sure ALL of your phone numbers, both office AND technicians’ cell phones are all registered with the system by completing the form below


Educate your technicians on your account's master phone number

A second step would be to educate your technicians and potential callers on which phone number associated with your Davenet/ account as that phone number is the master phone number that the system will look for. If the caller gets the prompt that “We are sorry but the number you are calling from is not recognized, please enter your Davenet/ Account phone number” they can enter that master phone number which will prompt the system to queue the caller properly. In any case, if you hear that message, the system didn’t recognize you, enter the main office number.


Always update your employee's phone numbers

The other thing to be conscious of is that when an employee phone number changes, it should be changed within the system as well. Contact your TM or email the same address with changes. Please do not hit “0” or attempt to go through the operator. That will absolutely guarantee the end of the line. The system will not allow you to be transferred anywhere except the end of the queue. Also don’t hang up and call back, that simply starts the process all over again.

Taking these simple steps will increase your experience with our knowledgeable team in Technical Support!

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