The 5 Rs of Customer Service

Customer service can be an ambiguous term. It's often misunderstood, left for someone else to interpret, and usually doesn't have an execution plan.

But here's something everyone can latch on to. Here are my 5 R's of customer service:

1. Be Ready. Customer service is unpredictable - everyone has to be ready to answer astonishing questions at a moment's notice. Never underestimate the importance of role-play training and drills.

2. Be Reliable. Consistency is key. It's a customer's nightmare to have a glowing experience one week and a horrible one the next.

3. Be Responsible. Passing problems through a pipeline of people is no way to win any customer over. It's important that a customer deals with the same individual (with that individual taking responsibility for that customer's problem).

4. Be Reassuring. Customer service is a game of trust. Lose it, and you'll have to work twice as hard to win it back. Reassurance is an essential prevention tool.

5. Be Rewarding. "Thank you" notes, light discounts (it doesn't have to be much), and little rewards go a long way. It's the little things that count.

What does your customer service plan look like?

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