The cold call script that actually works

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, but does your cold call script make the right first impression? Use these handy tools to construct an effective cold call script or clean up an existing script that may be lacking that success factor.

  • CBS Foolproof script: A step-by-step walkthrough of any possible scenario for a cold call - from reaching the customer to leaving a voicemail and everything in between.
  • 7 objections and how to respond: Don't panic when a customer responds to your call with one of these seven objections - just use these answers to continue the conversation.
  • Avoid these top 10 blunders: Is your call clear and concise? Do you babble on trying to make conversation? Spot this and other top 10 cold call "oops!" moments.
  • Is your script effective?: Use these tools to measure just how well your script holds up against others - and if it is truly successful.
  • The Ultimate cold call tool: Don't make a call without it! Pull this "ultimate tool" up in your Web browser before getting started on your call schedule.

What sets your cold call script apart from the competition?

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