Air Distribution

Airflow issues are one of the most common causes of residential HVAC problems.

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Course Description

Want duct systems that always retrieve and deliver the right amount of air? Rules of thumb don’t guarantee an adequate system. This concentrated course introduces technicians to the best practices of duct application and design, leading to satisfied customers, reduced call-backs, and higher profits. Topics include best practices for duct System design and layout, precise calculations for superior installation, and balancing the Duct system to minimize temperature fluctuation.

What you'll learn

  • Design & Layout: Balancing damper instruction, supply and return grille installation and proper design for filtration.
  • Precise Calculations: Learn special techniques for superior installation, calculating duct sizes and friction rate.
  • Reduce Hot & Cold Spots: Master duct system balancing to minimize temperature fluctuations.

Course Overview

Sample Syllabus
  • An introduction to the properties of air
    • Dry bulb temperature
    • Wet bulb temperature
    • Standard air
    • Relative humidity
    • Specific volume and density
  • Duct pressures & how they are measured
    • Static Pressure
    • Velocity Pressure
    • Total Pressure
  • Debunking common air flow myths
  • How to calculate the proper friction rate to size ductwork
  • What duct calculator should be used to size ductwork
  • Proper register selection and placement
  • Pressure problems in homes
  • Installation best practices
  • Simple ways to air balance
  • Troubleshooting air flow problems

2023 Course Schedule

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