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BuildATech® Virtual Classroom

Travel logistics tricky? Let us bring our new virtual classroom to you.

Get the best of both worlds – online and in-person training, with our new virtual classroom. Content from our flagship BuildATech program virtually delivered to you onsite, with a live instructor. Each daily session is two hours of live interactive instruction, helping technicians to grasp and retain the new content.

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Virtual Classroom Benefits

  • Real-time, live instruction and classroom participation, without travel concerns.
  • Live instructor-led classroom training, from the safety and security of your dealership, or the tech’s home.
  • Two hours of focused, daily in-depth instruction and discussion for two weeks.
  • Participants level up their Maintenance or Service technician skills, while remaining available for daily service calls.
  • Each morning’s session begins with a discussion of issues or scenarios the participants encountered in the previous day’s calls, bringing real-world experience into the virtual classroom.
  • Participants will receive access to a downloadable digital version of the Heating and Cooling Essentials textbook.

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Course Description

From earning homeowners’ trust to helping them achieve perfect indoor air, your techs are at the heart of your HVAC business. In today’s labor market, it’s often challenging to find the workers you need, when you need them. With three new tiers of two-week technical training, you can hire for the right attitude and work ethic, and train for the right skill level.

The BuildATech® program is divided into three, two-week classes: Maintenance Level, Service Level, and Advanced Level.

BuildATech® tiers

  • Maintenance: Beginner-friendly program covering HVAC fundamentals and how to perform residential maintenance checks.
  • Service: For techs with some experience who are ready to focus more on diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Advanced: Seasoned techs will focus on root cause analysis, communicating with customers in tough situations, and more efficient troubleshooting.

Why is BuildATech®
offered in three different levels?

Over the years, we’ve seen BuildATech® participants whose first day in HVAC was the first day of class, folks with over a decade of job experience but no formal training, and every type of technician in between. Offering the program in three tiers will allow you to send your techs to the level that best fits their knowledge and skills.

By offering the class in shorter sessions that are tailored by skill level, you get your techs back in the field more quickly, and they gain the skills to perform right where they are in their careers. Three tiers of BuildATech® allow for deeper focus in each level, to impart even more knowledge and skills to perform in the field at the Maintenance, Service, or Advanced level.

Level 1 – Maintenance

This program combines HVAC theory and hands-on practice, through classroom instruction and exercises in a live lab. Training materials cover the fundamentals of how HVAC systems work and why, and enhance the technician’s ability to perform maintenance checks. This includes safety training and introduction to various tools of the trade.

The BuildATech® Maintenance program is designed for technicians with little to no experience and provides them with the knowledge and skills to become job-ready maintenance technicians.

  • Beginner-friendly curriculum
  • Preventative maintenance checks
  • HVAC fundamentals
  • Sequence of operation
  • Tech communications

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Level 2 – Service

The BuildATech® Service program is designed for technicians with some field experience. Training strengthens their diagnostic skills via live lab equipment, which mimics common diagnostic issues seen in the field. Hands-on exercises reinforce communication skills, aiding the tech in effectively communicating recommendations and suggested repairs to homeowners. This class also emphasizes reducing call backs and setting leads, when applicable.

  • Diagnostics
  • Tech communications
  • Repair versus replace
  • Efficient troubleshooting
  • Reducing call backs
  • Understanding indoor air quality

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Level 3 – Advanced

This advanced two-week technician training program is geared toward seasoned technicians who are ready to tackle root cause analysis. Upon completion, participants will have the knowledge and skills to not only diagnose and fix service issues, but also to determine the root cause of the problem, which greatly reduces callbacks. The curriculum includes advanced communications skills for diplomatically handling difficult customer situations, and also covers load calculations, duct sizing, and making new equipment recommendations.

  • Applications
  • Repair versus replace
  • Root cause analysis
  • Tech communications
  • Efficient troubleshooting

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Locations: Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Columbus, OH, Atlanta, GA, Brampton, ON, Canada, Calgary, AB, Canada


“…I wanted to tell you what an awesome program the BuildATech® program is. I had my son at 19 years old go through it in March this year and he is performing like a star. He works with 3 other 8 to 10-year veteran service techs at our Granbury location and his numbers are as good as theirs with very few call backs. In addition to the BuildATech® we use the Lennox Learning Solutions YouTube channel quite often during our weekly training. Keep up the good work.”

Keith Saunders, Aire Serv Heating and Cooling,
Waco, Granbury, and Burleson, TX