Each of these online curricula is a series of related eCourses on a topic. These curricula offer a cost-effective and efficient way to increase your HVAC knowledge, with self-paced eCourses divided into bite-sized learning chunks.

Continuous learning is the key to a sharp mind and improved skills. But how do you get the training to grow your career, when you’re a busy HVAC professional?

That’s where these online curricula come in. Most are delivered in bite-sized lessons, so you can study at your own pace, and sharpen the skills that help you do an awesome job, in as little as a few minutes per day.

Not sure how that’s possible? Studies have shown that people retain up to 60% more of what they learn with eLearning versus most classroom settings, and you can access your eCourses for a refresher any time you want.



15 technical training series
89 hours of HVAC-specific technical training

Do homeowners sing your praises to their friends in online reviews? HVAC techs and installers are in the best position to build trust and loyalty with residential customers. When you inspire their confidence and trust, you earn repeat customers, and a great reputation.

Our online training series offer advanced knowledge and proven techniques to help you be the best HVAC technician or installer around. The following curricula are series of related eCourses, and are available 24/7 in the Learning Center.

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4 sales training series
6 hours of HVAC-specific sales training

The best salespeople never stop learning. HVAC is a tough market, and today’s tech-savvy homeowners are more educated and informed than ever before. But that’s a good thing, if you know your stuff. In these sales training series, you’ll learn the why and how of following a consistent sales process, how air distribution works inside your customers’ homes, how to perform a load calculation to match homeowners’ indoor comfort needs with their wants, and create an outstanding customer experience.

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Business Leaders

9 business leader training series
123 hours of business eLearning

Training isn’t just for trainees. It’s a lifelong process that separates good HVAC companies from great ones. When you invest in your own knowledge and skills, you’ll find yourself in a thriving and growing company. Whether you want to increase your general management efficacy, sharpen your sales and lead tracking, work on bench marking to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), or empower your employees to be the best HVAC professionals they can be, these learning series are designed to help you get to the next level, with no wasted time.

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Customer Service

1 Customer Service series
7 hours of expert customer service training

Are you building trust and loyalty every time you answer the phone or interact with a customer? The best way to help homeowners achieve perfect indoor air is to actively listen to them and put their needs first. Often, that’s easier said than done, and it can be tough to know how to respond in some situations. Get the low-down on how to create a top-notch customer experience, with these eLearning series.

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