Gas Heat Diagnostics

3,000,000 gas furnace were sold last year with a projected growth of 22% in the upcoming year.

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Course Description

Are you ready to service and maintain all of the gas furnaces in your market? Whether you’re new to the HVAC industry or an experienced technician, this one-day course* will sharpen your knowledge and skills.

What you'll learn

  • Air Flow: Learn flame rectification, gas meter clocking, temp rise limit trips and airflow relationships.
  • Venting: Study heat exchanger testing the right way, venting and using pin connectors as a troubleshooting aid.
  • Controls: Cover pressure switch testing methods, root cause of pressure switch issues and 90 % furnace drains.

Course Overview

Sample Syllabus
  • Furnace sequence of operation
  • Furnace components
  • Furnace components function
  • Standard Efficiency Versus High Efficiency Furnaces
  • Venting Standard Efficiency Furnaces
  • Venting High Efficiency Furnaces
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting
  • How To Read schematics
  • ECM Motors Operations
  • Constant Torque Motor Operation
  • Constant Torque Versus PSC Motors
  • Flame Rectification
  • Temperature Rise
  • Gas Manifold Pressure
  • How To Use Combustion Analyzer
  • Combustion Analysis
  • Heat Exchanger Inspections

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