By Ken Potocki, Regional Field Trainer, Lennox Learning Solutions

When HVAC professionals start their careers, they're excited about fixing problems and providing comfort. Throughout my career, there were countless times my skills as a technician saved the day for the customers I served. It was the most gratifying part of my job.

Then some jobs had to be done to keep my business moving and operating with integrity. Part of acting with integrity was being a good steward of our environment. One of the most significant ways we did that was by recovering refrigerant. After logging and completing all the paperwork, I had leftover jugs of reclaimed refrigerant that needed emptying. So, once a month, I would gather the jugs of reclaimed refrigerant and drive them to my local supplier. This tedious process usually took a workday out of each month, but I was following EPA guidelines and wanted to be environmentally conscious.

Today, there is a much better way. Lennox has partnered with Hudson Technologies, the leading refrigerant reclaimer in the United States, to provide a program that makes reclaiming used refrigerants simple and hassle-free, while directly depositing payment straight to you.

Refrigerants hold value based on their market availability. As High Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants begin to phase down in 2025, reclaimed refrigerant will become crucial in our industry. So, it’s important that you understand the difference in recovered, recycled, and reclaimed refrigerants.

3 R’s of Reclaiming

The difference between recovered, recycled, and reclaimed refrigerant:

The partnership between Lennox and Hudson is an excellent way to tackle that mountain of recovered refrigerant in the back of your shop and earn cash while doing so. The best way to use those reclaim cylinders in the future is to get them responsibly emptied, and Hudson makes it easy for you. 


Refrigerant that has been recovered from equipment and has not been further processed or packaged.


Refrigerant that has been recovered from equipment using approved recycling equipment, without meeting all requirements for reclamation and can only be returned to the original homeowner’s system.


Refrigerant that has been recovered, processed, tested, and certified by an EPA certified reclaimer to meet or exceed the AHRI 700 standards and can be reused in other systems.

How to reclaim refrigerant with the Lennox Reclaim Program

  • Sign up for the program at https://www.hudsontech.com/lennox-reclaim-program/
  • Hudson will arrange for pickup of the recovery cylinders at your location and pay for all freight to and from their facilities.
  • You will receive back an equal amount of clean, polished, in hydro test date, like for like empty cylinders.
  • Hudson provides hydrostatic testing for cylinder recertification, cylinder painting, and cylinders of the utmost quality.
  • Mixed refrigerants that cannot be reclaimed will be responsibly disposed of, in accordance with EPA regulations.
  • You'll be provided with a detailed report of the refrigerant received by Hudson.
  • Hudson will pay you for your recovered refrigerant and purchase many recovered refrigerants at competitive market prices with the commitment to quality and expert service.

The refrigerant reclaim market is projected to experience substantial growth in the upcoming years due to the adoption of Low GWP refrigerants. When you reclaim refrigerant, you’re helping combat costs and secure future availability. So, remember, one pound reclaimed is one pound not made and helps protect and preserve our environment while offsetting the cost of refrigerant. Together, you, with Lennox and Hudson, can help reduce the overall environmental impact refrigerants have on our world.

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This refrigerant reclaim program is provided by Hudson Technologies Inc. (“Hudson”). Hudson is an independent third party from Lennox International Inc. and its affiliates (“Lennox”). Any participation by you in Hudson’s refrigerant reclaim program is subject to the terms and conditions between Hudson and you. Lennox shall not be liable to you in connection with your participation in the program.