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Indoor air quality can be a valuable selling point to any service call, but it can be difficult to start the conversation. I sat down with Joe Jones, regional business manager, brand management at Lennox Industries, to find out his best tips on selling IAQ to any homeowner.

M: Joe, what suggestions would you give HVAC technicians for selling IAQ?

J: First, recognize your role as being more than just someone there to fix the problem at hand and inform homeowners of other solutions your company has to offer. Next, familiarize yourself with IAQ products, including features, pricing, and available options. Third, never assume the price is too high or spend the customer's money for them. Finally, share testimonials and create your own personal stories.

M: What tools can technicians use to sell IAQ?

J: You need to be the expert and learn all the features and benefits your products offer. The most important tool you can have is a retail price book, though you may have to be the person to ask for one. It sounds simple, but if you don't have pricing, you won't sell it. You should also offer "good, better, best" options, because it gives customers something to compare.

M: What would you say is the most common mistake technicians make when selling IAQ?

J: Just because you think a part is expensive doesn't mean customers will. Don't judge customers based on what you think would be valuable for them. Once you've given them options and talked about what solutions those options can offer, let them decide whether it has value.

M: How can technicians make the selling experience more personal?

J: There's power in testimonials. Look at product reviews online and see what our customers love. You may not suffer from asthma or allergies, but reading what our products have done for others builds your faith in the products. Selling a few products and turning your experiences into personal testimonials can do wonders.

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