NATE Certification is Good for Your Technicians, and Good for Your Business.

There’s no better way to signal reliability and professionalism than wearing a NATE certification patch. In addition to demonstrating advanced training and proficiency to others in the HVACR industry, being NATE certified instills a strong sense of pride, competence and consistency in those who have earned the patch.

Get Your Technicians Certified

HVAC Learning Solutions offers both instructor-led and online trainings to accelerate learning and get your techs field-ready and revenue-generating, faster than any other program in the industry.

Benefits* of NATE Certification

Contractors prefer NATE-certified technicians because they remain in the industry longer, have the proven knowledge to do the job right the first time and are more productive than non-certified technicians.

Manufacturers and Distributors know that NATE certification encourages proper installation and service, which means fewer warranty returns and, ultimately, a better bottom line.

Educators and Trainers benefit from NATE certification's uniform testing standard.

Utilities appreciate NATE certification's focus on correctly installing and servicing sophisticated HVACR equipment, which saves energy and money when operating at peak efficiency.

Consumers look for NATE certification because it ensures that a knowledgeable, well-trained and highly experienced technician will service their home heating or cooling system.


“The course was sales based but included so much more. Matt opened my eyes to the general day to day running of the company which will benefit us in the years to come…it’s easy to become blinded by work when you are busy but Matt opened my eyes to things that had been forgotten about over the years. I cannot recommend this course any more, it was absolutely brilliant and I am already putting my new techniques into practice.”

Ryan - Canada Furnace Heating & Air Conditioning, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada