5 HVAC sales tips

HVAC sales are never easy in any economy, but there are always tried and true ways to go about selling maintenance and services. And it doesn't involve being a pushover or being pushy.

Here are just a few tips from CBS' interactive business network on how to sell anything - including heating and cooling services and packages:

1.    Don't waste their time. There is nothing more annoying than a salesperson who wastes a potential customers' time - especially when they are undoubtedly busy. Put yourself in their shoes, and take a hint.

2.    Make sense. When pitching to your potential clients, it's important to watch for body language or the "aha" moment when they get you. Try pitching in a way that makes sense universally, not just you.

3.    Be unique. What are you selling that nobody else is? Since you are competing with other HVAC dealers, perhaps it's a preventative maintenance package that offers small bonuses, or an energy efficient system installment of the latest technology not available just anywhere.

4.    Be kind. Go into a sales pitch or call with a genuine interest in their business or home comfort. If you're truly interested in their needs, it will show. If you're not, don't expect kindness in return - much less, a referral.

5.    Ask for feedback. It never hurts to simply ask what your potential client thinks about what you're offering. It's invaluable, and increases your chance of engaging in conversation.

Tell us: What sales techniques have you used to sell your big idea?

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