The Importance of Continually Recruiting

Continuous recruiting strategies are a must for HVAC dealers.

By: Mike Moore

When you run a heating and air conditioning business, the quest for talented employees should never end. This is partly to avoid settling for less-than-ideal hires when you’re shorthanded. It’s also because there’s a growing shortage of job candidates in the HVAC field, which needs to add 115,000 workers in North America over the next five years. To staff and grow your business, continuous recruiting is now a must.

Know Who’s Looking for Jobs

If you’re not finding candidates in familiar parts of the labor pool, look to these groups for more possibilities:

Veterans. More than 1.5 million veterans will transition to the civilian workforce over the next five years, bringing a disciplined work ethic with them.

Millennials. The 18-to-35-year-old generation is now bigger than the baby boomers. The HVAC industry’s growing use of technology makes it a natural fit for these tech-savvy young people.

Midlife Career Changers. These folks often want more rewarding and meaningful work, and they bring experience from one or more industries.

Know What Sells HVAC Careers Today

Tap into HVAC technology. Technology is a natural fit for millennials and allows people of varying physical strength to work in the field. Today’s technology makes HVAC a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics —STEM—career, something high schools and community colleges promote heavily.

Make the case for meaningful work. HVAC touches every aspect of society, from homes, schools, shops, and offices to hospitals, research laboratories and server farms that power the information age. HVAC heroes also preserve our food and medical supplies, deliver energy-efficiency upgrades and support environmental sustainability.

Show the variety of HVAC career paths. Military veterans, career changers, and other prospective hires want skills upon which they can build a career. HVAC experience opens the door to equipment operation and maintenance, system design, equipment manufacturing and research, construction, distribution, sales and marketing.

Know Where to Recruit

Participate in career days and make class presentations at local high schools and community colleges. Work with curriculum planners to include important technical skills. You can partner with schools to offer job-shadowing programs, ride-along days, internships, and apprenticeships for students.

Recruit in the community. Veterans’ groups, women’s organizations, chambers of commerce, and minority-advocacy groups often want local employers to participate in their job fairs and speak at their meetings.

Use the right keywords in your online job ads. Your postings should include phrases like “new career” and “career change” so career changers and newly discharged veterans will see your listings.

The Most Important Hiring Criteria

We recommend hiring for attitude and training for skills. A strong work ethic and the ability to work well with others are the foundation for any successful career. You can quickly bring motivated new hires up to speed through job shadowing and HVAC training, such as our BuildATech® program.

Stay on the lookout for potential hires with a good attitude. Your business and the HVAC industry need them now more than ever.

Mike Moore is the Training Director for HVAC Learning Solutions.
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