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Introducing our new Lead and Customer Management Dashboard and Proposal Builder eTools! It’s simple and easy-to-use. With so many handy options and time-saving functionalities, you can manage sales leads, build professional looking proposals, or setup your company profile, and so much more — all in one amazing tool.


  • How to manage your leads?

    Now you can manage and monitor your sales funnel, from lead creation to closing sale. Create leads and assign them to comfort advisors in your company. It’s that simple.

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  • How to setup your company on Proposal Builder?

    Proposal Builder allows you to setup not only your company profile, store locations, logo, and address, but also lets you display your company’s terms and conditions. It takes a few minutes.

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  • How to Create a Proposal via Custom Proposal?

    Building a proposal tailored specifically your way is easy.

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  • How to create a proposal via Homeowner Needs?

    Building a proposal tailored specifically to your customers’ needs and requirements is easy. Using our 4 star ratings based on 10 different HVAC attributes that gauge the homeowner’s needs, you can zero in on selecting the right product mix and pricing for your customers.

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  • How to setup pricing on Proposal Builder?

    Your customers want to participate in the buying decision. Proposal Builder enables you to tailor your customers’ buying options from the highest to the lowest price possible, so you don’t run the risk of missing a sale.

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  • How to register as a tool admin?

    Don’t have Tool Administration access? Simply contact your company’s LennoxPROs Administrator and ask to update your permissions to get 1901 for Tool Administration access.
  • How to Create a Proposal from a Template for a Lead?

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  • How to Create a Proposal for a Multi-System Proposal

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  • How to Create a Proposal for a Lead

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  • How to Opt-In to Receive Leads?

    CAP dealers are eligible to opt in and receive leads from Lennox dealer locator sources. The program directly sends new leads to your lead and customer management dashboard.

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  • How to Update Admin Permissions to Proposal Tool Admin Access

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